Monday, 16 January 2012

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Review

Today I'm wearing N.Y.C Color Pink Princess. As the name suggests; the  colour is the type of pink that all of the fairytale princesses wear and looooove! The type of pink that five year old girls can't get enough of, as their whole wardrobe is full of it. But do you know what? This colour actually makes me feel like a princess!(;

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Swatches*

All Swatches have:
  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Top and Base Coat.
  • Two Coats of N.Y.C Color Pink Princess.
  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat.
I'm sorry, I couldn't get many photos of the swatches, as my camera battery died, and I've taken this manicure off now.  But here's what I do have.

*On the second day of wear. Sorry, I forgot to get the pictures on the first day, hasn't really changed much though, and it also was after having a shower, so you can see how un-affected the polish was.

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Bottle:

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Ingredients:

Once again, the polish is too light to properly take a picture of the writing, however if you need, I can type up the ingredients for you. 

Name: Pink Princess
Brand:N.Y.C Color
Collection: None, I dont think? Just N.Y.C Color because it's fairly new.
Colour: Shiny Pale Pink
How Much I Payed: $2 AUD
Amount: 0.46 FL. 0Z./ 13.5ML
Where I got it: BP Gas Station!

So I accidentally went over this in my intro, but this colour definitely makes me feel like a princess. Like one of the ones in Disney cartoons, one with their fairy god mother, and their prince charming. Its a really light colour, very pale and quite shiny. It's one of those colours that glistens in the sun, if you know what I mean. I've realised that because I have olive/tanned skin, light polishes stand out a lot, and make me look quite a bit more tanned than usual! But thats not necessarily a bad thing right? Tonnes of people that I know, go on about wishing that they were tanned, so maybe they should just try to find a lighter polish for their skin? !

Application & Formula
The formula of this polish is quite good. The polish is not gloopy or too thick and has quite a good drying time, unlike some of the the N.Y.C Color colours that I've tried. 
Its no less than a two coat polish, and if you want it to to be perfect maybe try three; because I can just see the whites of my nails on a few nails. I'm not sure if its because the polish is too thin, or maybe just because the colour is light. 
The Brush is just a normal brush size, which is good for me that it's not one of those 'extra wide brushes for quick application' because I like to do nail art with my polish, so it makes it easier for me. But that's just my opinion. 

The N.Y.C Color polishes are pretty easy to find, as I mentioned in my last review; you can get them pretty much anywhere! I've seen them at Big W, Kmart, Target, etc. I even got this polish at a BP Petrol Station! For two dollars! Bargain! That's probably the cheapest nail polish i've seen since I've started collecting it. So It's definitely cheap, and easy to find.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to find
  • Good Drying Time.
  • Good size brush for me.
  • Thin-ish Formula
Pink Princess is a nice colour, once again; makes me look tanned and feel like a princess. Maybe I could be 'Princess Nina, of Tann-iness'? (;
But anyone, I've noticed that this particular N.Y.C Color Polish is a bit of a stand out from the rest! As it is quite thin, and quick drying, compared to the other few that I've tried.
So all in all, I give this pretty Pink Princess an eight out of ten!

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