Thursday, 19 January 2012

Revlon Minted Review & Swatches

When I found this colour, I picked it up because I saw it in a nail bin and I actually thought it was China Glaze Re-fresh-mint. Infact, I think it's a complete dupe of it! It's such a nice minty refreshing cold colour, so its great to wear in the summer.

Revlon Minted Swatches

All Swatches have:

  • One coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Two coats of Revlon Minted
  • One coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine
Revlon Minted Bottle & Ingredients*:

*The Ingredients are so badly scratched out on the bottle that I can hardly read them, let alone take a picture of them. If you really want, I can try to type them, so feel free to comment if you want that.

Name: Minted
Number: 85
Brand: Revlon
Collection: -
Others in this collection: -
Amount: 0.5 Fl. Oz./ 14.7 mL e
Colour: Mint Green
What I payed: $15.95AUD
Where I got it: Priceline

Like I mentioned before, I think that this colour, Minted, is almost a complete dupe of China Glaze Re-fresh-mint. Its a creme Mint Green, and perfect for summer. Its not like any of the colours I've ever bought before, so when I saw it, I had to buy it straight away and add it to my collection!

Formula & Application
This is definitely a two coat polish. I was worried when I applied the first coat, because of how utterly streaky it was. But as soon as I got my second coat on to my first finger; all my worries went away, and I was ver happy with how it turned out. Once again, the consistency of the formula was good, and that weird thing that happened with my Pink Lingerie didn't happen again, but maybe that was just because it was a top speed polish? And the brush. Need I say more? apart from like my other Revlon polish, I loved the brush!(;

The finish of Minted is a creme polish, so nothing really special or shimmery, but it is a lovely colour. Up close; if you look really hard, you can notice a few brush strokes. However, its not really like people are going to be up close looking at your fingers to try and see if you have tiny little brush strokes on them right?

Even though I found this colour in a nail polish bin, I dont think it was supposed to be there. I've seen it in tonnes of shops here, like Priceline; which is where I got it, then Target, K-mart, Big W, etc. So it's pretty easy to get.

  • Good Formula
  • Great Brush
  • Easy to find
  • A bit Pricy
  • Brush stokes just visible

Revlon Minted is a great colour for summer. Its has many pros, like having a great formula. The only things wrong with it are that it's a little pricy, and if you look close enough, you can see some brush strokes. So overall I rate Minted, with a nine out of ten. 

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