Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Revlon Pink Lingerie Review & Swatches

So this colour is supposed to have a 'pretty' or 'feminine' name as being Pink Lingerie, but for some reason it just reminds me of a washing line! ? 

Revlon Pink Lingerie 110 Swatches:

All Swatches have:

  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Two Coats of Revlon Top Speed 110 Pink Lingerie
  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine

Revlon Pink Lingerie 110 Bottle and Ingredients:

Name: Pink Lingerie
Brand: Revlon
Collection: Top Speed
Others in this collection: Varnished, Mistletoe, Cheers, Glitz & Glam, Snow Bunny, Spice It Up, Decadent, Guava, Cloud, Peachy, Ocean, Royal, Stormy, Hazy, Emerald, Espresso, Fire, Electric, Lava, Violet, Candy, Bubble, Sheer Cotton, Sheer Pearl, Vintage, Black Star, Cupid, Jelly, Poppy, Orchid, Lily, Cherry, Golden, Jaded, Chili, Sugar Plum, Grape, Metallic. 
Amount: 0.5 Fl. 0z./14 mL
Colour: Creme Light Pink
What I Payed: $15.95AUD
Where I got it: Target: 

The colour of Pink Lingerie is a Creme Baby Pink. The good thing about creme's is that hopefully they're super easy to get off, unlike some of those glitter polishes!
I think that this colour is almost a complete dupe of OPI Pink-ing of You. So because that's hard to find these days, if you're looking for a colour similar to that, maybe give this polish a try? 

Formula & Application
The formula is a good consistency, not too thick or thin.(: (Yes I know, I just put a smiley face in my review, but you know; I thought it needed it there!)
On the Revlon Website , on that page under Tips + Tricks, it says that you only need one coat, and no top coat, but after I applied only that, I realised that I wouldn't want only that on my nails as it didn't live to my expectations, and wasn't as shiny as I liked it, so I just did my normal routine. The application was a bit weird for me however; I don't know what happened, but on a few of my fingers, the polish just went weird and gloopy.(Yes I said that 'word' again!) Please leave me a comment and tell me If this has happened to you as well. I'd really like to know And, this is the first Revlon Polish I've had myself,but I already know that I love the brush! It's not too thing, nor too thick, so just perfect for me and my uses! 

This is one of those polish brands that you can get at pretty much any big department store, I got mine from Target, but its harder to find the exact colour. I really wanted OPI's Pink-ing of You, but I couldn't find that anywhere, so I looked up some dupes, and I found this colour! I think at the third mall I went to, I found this colour, so its not too bad.

  • Very Quick Drying
  • Great Brush Size
  • Quite Expensive
  • Went gloopy/weird on me?

This is a pretty pink colour, and is amazingly fast drying! You might be able to find it at quite a few stores and I love the brush! The only problems I think it has are that it went weird on me (Please Comment!) on a few nails, and that it's quite expensive. So I give Pink Lingerie an eight out of ten!

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