Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dotting Tools and Detail Brushes!(:

Hey gurrllls,,

Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been pretty busy; getting ready for my brother's birthday which has just passed, and now mine in nine days!(: WOOPWOOP!!
But anyway,  I've been watching so many nail tutorials, and I've been thinking that I really need some detail brushes and dotting tools. Which I ordered from this website, which is fantastic by the way!, . I absolutely love it! ... and my products! On the website it says that orders come in 3-5 days, and even though our mail is superrr sllooooowwww..... it still came in exactly three days! I was extremely impressed!
The products I ordered were a 3pcs Detail Brush Set (Print) which cost $9.95AUD - BUT! Are on sale so I got them for $4.99!
If you click herel you can see what they look like:!__nail-art-supplies/nail-art-tools/productsstackergallery9=0

The other thing I ordered was some Dotting Tools (Pink) !
Again they usually cost $11.95, but were on sale (and still are!) for $5.99!
And also again, click this link to see the picture!(:!__nail-art-supplies/nail-art-tools/productsstackergallery9=7

Lovelovelove, Ninaaaa <3 xoxo

Monday, 24 October 2011

Nail Review?....sorry girls/:

Hey girls, i've got some bad news,......
so, i was going to do a nail review of my favourite top coat, 'Sally Hansen's Double Duty' BUT, sadly at school, we're not allowed to wear ANY nail polish at all! not even clear! And in Australia, its Tuesday tomorrow, which means no nail polish at all for a couple of days!  /:
and the teachers are being extra tough, and checking everything, because we have exams at the moment! So I wont be able to have any pictures or anything! :'( I know, and it was going to be my first blogspot review!
But anyway, im happy because tomorrow i'm going to priceline, which has loads of nail colours, and i'd really like to get one like the colour 'OPI Do You Lilac it?' but I can't find any OPI, ANYWHERE IN HOBART! ? So if anyone see's a colour like it, or knows where to get OPI in Tasmania, please comment on this and tell me!
Thanks a million,
Ninaaaa xoxo

OPI's Do You Lilac It?
P.S, this is the colour! I'm looking for!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Valentines Water Marbling Nail Tutorial

Hello Everyone! <3
As it said on the post bellow, I LOVE 'MY SIMPLE LITTLE PLEASUES'!! 
And this is my favourite video of her's: Valentines Day Water Marbling Tutorial
In the valentines day tutorial, she uses the products: Sally Hansen Beet Stain in the 'Salon' LineSally Hansen Petite Pink in the 'Hard as Nails Xtream Wear' Lineand Sally Hansen Tassel in the 'Salon' Line.
But I couldn't find these exact colours in Tasmania, so I used N.Y.C Colors 'Berry Fuchsia'Rimmel London 'Ethereal' in the '60 Seconds' Line, and Satin '14'
These colours worked perfectly well! 
You will also need:
- Room Temperature Water (filtered works the best)
- An Orange Stick/ Wooden Skewer
- Scotch Tape
- Base and Top Coats

I absolutely loved this design, here is what Colette has done:

And I'll try to get a picture of my first attempt! Its quite hard but you will get the hang of it later on as what you can see from Colette!^^^    Sadly, just before I put a topcoat on, I was waiting for it to dry, and it got pushed onto the ground! So the middle of it is a little smudged with a few grains of dirt in it! /:

But anyway, check out the video, its a heap of fun, and a gorgeous design, not just for valentines day!(:
I'll post some reviews of the polishes I used in my attempt, later!(:
Lots of Love,
Ninaaaa xoxo <3

My Simple Little Pleasues

Heey Lovelies!
Looking for some new ways to do some nail art? or is drawing little things on your nails too hard, time consuming or just stressful? Then Check out this!(:
My Simple Little Pleasues, (supposed to be My Simple Little Pleasures, but she spelt it wrong) or Colette(:, is a great nail artist! She does this amazing thing called water marbling! Here's a link to her channel on Youtube:
If you are into Nail Art, you'll love this easy way to do it!
Lots of Love To you All; 
Ninaaaa xoxo

Hi Everyone!(:

Hey everyone, and welcome to..... 'Nina's Ah-mazing Blog!(: ' 
haaha, so, if you're wondering what this blog is about; well; everything! but mostly nail art! Which I am obsessed with at the moment! :) I'll give you reviews and anything you want to know about certain nail polishes! Also links to youtube videos, and other sites! But most of all., pictures from my newest nails!! 
Also, as I am also a keeeeen soccer player, you might hear some news on that too!(:
Lots of Love to you all,    
Ninaaaa xoxo