Sunday, 23 October 2011

Valentines Water Marbling Nail Tutorial

Hello Everyone! <3
As it said on the post bellow, I LOVE 'MY SIMPLE LITTLE PLEASUES'!! 
And this is my favourite video of her's: Valentines Day Water Marbling Tutorial
In the valentines day tutorial, she uses the products: Sally Hansen Beet Stain in the 'Salon' LineSally Hansen Petite Pink in the 'Hard as Nails Xtream Wear' Lineand Sally Hansen Tassel in the 'Salon' Line.
But I couldn't find these exact colours in Tasmania, so I used N.Y.C Colors 'Berry Fuchsia'Rimmel London 'Ethereal' in the '60 Seconds' Line, and Satin '14'
These colours worked perfectly well! 
You will also need:
- Room Temperature Water (filtered works the best)
- An Orange Stick/ Wooden Skewer
- Scotch Tape
- Base and Top Coats

I absolutely loved this design, here is what Colette has done:

And I'll try to get a picture of my first attempt! Its quite hard but you will get the hang of it later on as what you can see from Colette!^^^    Sadly, just before I put a topcoat on, I was waiting for it to dry, and it got pushed onto the ground! So the middle of it is a little smudged with a few grains of dirt in it! /:

But anyway, check out the video, its a heap of fun, and a gorgeous design, not just for valentines day!(:
I'll post some reviews of the polishes I used in my attempt, later!(:
Lots of Love,
Ninaaaa xoxo <3

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