Monday, 24 October 2011

Nail Review?....sorry girls/:

Hey girls, i've got some bad news,......
so, i was going to do a nail review of my favourite top coat, 'Sally Hansen's Double Duty' BUT, sadly at school, we're not allowed to wear ANY nail polish at all! not even clear! And in Australia, its Tuesday tomorrow, which means no nail polish at all for a couple of days!  /:
and the teachers are being extra tough, and checking everything, because we have exams at the moment! So I wont be able to have any pictures or anything! :'( I know, and it was going to be my first blogspot review!
But anyway, im happy because tomorrow i'm going to priceline, which has loads of nail colours, and i'd really like to get one like the colour 'OPI Do You Lilac it?' but I can't find any OPI, ANYWHERE IN HOBART! ? So if anyone see's a colour like it, or knows where to get OPI in Tasmania, please comment on this and tell me!
Thanks a million,
Ninaaaa xoxo

OPI's Do You Lilac It?
P.S, this is the colour! I'm looking for!

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