Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dotting Tools and Detail Brushes!(:

Hey gurrllls,,

Sorry I've been away for a while, I've been pretty busy; getting ready for my brother's birthday which has just passed, and now mine in nine days!(: WOOPWOOP!!
But anyway,  I've been watching so many nail tutorials, and I've been thinking that I really need some detail brushes and dotting tools. Which I ordered from this website, which is fantastic by the way!, . I absolutely love it! ... and my products! On the website it says that orders come in 3-5 days, and even though our mail is superrr sllooooowwww..... it still came in exactly three days! I was extremely impressed!
The products I ordered were a 3pcs Detail Brush Set (Print) which cost $9.95AUD - BUT! Are on sale so I got them for $4.99!
If you click herel you can see what they look like:!__nail-art-supplies/nail-art-tools/productsstackergallery9=0

The other thing I ordered was some Dotting Tools (Pink) !
Again they usually cost $11.95, but were on sale (and still are!) for $5.99!
And also again, click this link to see the picture!(:!__nail-art-supplies/nail-art-tools/productsstackergallery9=7

Lovelovelove, Ninaaaa <3 xoxo

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