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Friday, 18 May 2012

Sally Hansen Double Duty Review

This is a review of something I've been using for ages; Sally Hansen Double Duty.
If you read the website 'Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily' (http://dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com/) you may have already seen this review, and no I have not just copied it from the website, as I was the one who wrote it! But if you haven't read it, enjoy reading it, and if you have, you can enjoy reading it again!  Before I start the review, I'd just like to say that I'm going to start writing on this blog more, and I would appreciate if people commented on it! I promise to read all comments and reply to every one! Also, check out my youtube channel ! ninahollyd's youtube channel! click this link to go there!

Review: Sally Hansen Double Duty
Price: RRP $14.95
Brand: Sally Hansen
What is it?: Strengthening Top & Base Coat
Want it?:SHOP IT! 
Would you buy it again? Maybe, if it was on sale. 

Sally Hansen Double Duty was a pretty good product to buy; it was the first top/base coat i'd ever bought, so I was pretty happy with it.
It works well as a base coat, but in my opinion, is a bit too thick for the top coat, so I use another sally hansen top coat.

It protects well as a base, however tends to peel after three or more days. But that doesn't really worry me, as I get bored of having the same manicure on for anytime more than three!
The only thing that I didn't really like on this product was that when you need more polish on the brush, and your bottle is about 1/3 full, its hard for the brush to reach the polish, without screwing the lid back on.
The thing about the bottle design that is good, is that unlike most of the other Sally Hansen top or base coats, its clear, so you can see how much is left.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Neddy's Blog

Hey girls, if your boyfriends or brothers love gaming etc., tell them to visit this site; http://neddys-blog.blogspot.com/ ! its an awesome blog about everything they would want! Game and Movie Reviews, and if they play Moshi Monsters, it has some cool codes for them!
Its my brother's blog and it would mean a lot to him! Thanks(:


So today I've started a new poll! The question is, What is your favourite nail polish brand?
And the answers you can reply with are:

  • OPI
  • China Glaze
  • Sally Hansen
  • Orly
  • N.Y.C Color
  • Revlon
  • Sinful Colors
  • Maybelline
  • Other
Please go on my blog and vote for your favourite brand! So far the winner is Revlon, with one vote!
Keep voting girls! 
The poll closes on the 7th of March 2012, at 8:08pm!

Revlon Minted Review & Swatches

When I found this colour, I picked it up because I saw it in a nail bin and I actually thought it was China Glaze Re-fresh-mint. Infact, I think it's a complete dupe of it! It's such a nice minty refreshing cold colour, so its great to wear in the summer.

Revlon Minted Swatches

All Swatches have:

  • One coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Two coats of Revlon Minted
  • One coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine
Revlon Minted Bottle & Ingredients*:

*The Ingredients are so badly scratched out on the bottle that I can hardly read them, let alone take a picture of them. If you really want, I can try to type them, so feel free to comment if you want that.

Name: Minted
Number: 85
Brand: Revlon
Collection: -
Others in this collection: -
Amount: 0.5 Fl. Oz./ 14.7 mL e
Colour: Mint Green
What I payed: $15.95AUD
Where I got it: Priceline

Like I mentioned before, I think that this colour, Minted, is almost a complete dupe of China Glaze Re-fresh-mint. Its a creme Mint Green, and perfect for summer. Its not like any of the colours I've ever bought before, so when I saw it, I had to buy it straight away and add it to my collection!

Formula & Application
This is definitely a two coat polish. I was worried when I applied the first coat, because of how utterly streaky it was. But as soon as I got my second coat on to my first finger; all my worries went away, and I was ver happy with how it turned out. Once again, the consistency of the formula was good, and that weird thing that happened with my Pink Lingerie didn't happen again, but maybe that was just because it was a top speed polish? And the brush. Need I say more? apart from like my other Revlon polish, I loved the brush!(;

The finish of Minted is a creme polish, so nothing really special or shimmery, but it is a lovely colour. Up close; if you look really hard, you can notice a few brush strokes. However, its not really like people are going to be up close looking at your fingers to try and see if you have tiny little brush strokes on them right?

Even though I found this colour in a nail polish bin, I dont think it was supposed to be there. I've seen it in tonnes of shops here, like Priceline; which is where I got it, then Target, K-mart, Big W, etc. So it's pretty easy to get.

  • Good Formula
  • Great Brush
  • Easy to find
  • A bit Pricy
  • Brush stokes just visible

Revlon Minted is a great colour for summer. Its has many pros, like having a great formula. The only things wrong with it are that it's a little pricy, and if you look close enough, you can see some brush strokes. So overall I rate Minted, with a nine out of ten. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Revlon Pink Lingerie Review & Swatches

So this colour is supposed to have a 'pretty' or 'feminine' name as being Pink Lingerie, but for some reason it just reminds me of a washing line! ? 

Revlon Pink Lingerie 110 Swatches:

All Swatches have:

  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • Two Coats of Revlon Top Speed 110 Pink Lingerie
  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine

Revlon Pink Lingerie 110 Bottle and Ingredients:

Name: Pink Lingerie
Brand: Revlon
Collection: Top Speed
Others in this collection: Varnished, Mistletoe, Cheers, Glitz & Glam, Snow Bunny, Spice It Up, Decadent, Guava, Cloud, Peachy, Ocean, Royal, Stormy, Hazy, Emerald, Espresso, Fire, Electric, Lava, Violet, Candy, Bubble, Sheer Cotton, Sheer Pearl, Vintage, Black Star, Cupid, Jelly, Poppy, Orchid, Lily, Cherry, Golden, Jaded, Chili, Sugar Plum, Grape, Metallic. 
Amount: 0.5 Fl. 0z./14 mL
Colour: Creme Light Pink
What I Payed: $15.95AUD
Where I got it: Target: 

The colour of Pink Lingerie is a Creme Baby Pink. The good thing about creme's is that hopefully they're super easy to get off, unlike some of those glitter polishes!
I think that this colour is almost a complete dupe of OPI Pink-ing of You. So because that's hard to find these days, if you're looking for a colour similar to that, maybe give this polish a try? 

Formula & Application
The formula is a good consistency, not too thick or thin.(: (Yes I know, I just put a smiley face in my review, but you know; I thought it needed it there!)
On the Revlon Website , on that page under Tips + Tricks, it says that you only need one coat, and no top coat, but after I applied only that, I realised that I wouldn't want only that on my nails as it didn't live to my expectations, and wasn't as shiny as I liked it, so I just did my normal routine. The application was a bit weird for me however; I don't know what happened, but on a few of my fingers, the polish just went weird and gloopy.(Yes I said that 'word' again!) Please leave me a comment and tell me If this has happened to you as well. I'd really like to know And, this is the first Revlon Polish I've had myself,but I already know that I love the brush! It's not too thing, nor too thick, so just perfect for me and my uses! 

This is one of those polish brands that you can get at pretty much any big department store, I got mine from Target, but its harder to find the exact colour. I really wanted OPI's Pink-ing of You, but I couldn't find that anywhere, so I looked up some dupes, and I found this colour! I think at the third mall I went to, I found this colour, so its not too bad.

  • Very Quick Drying
  • Great Brush Size
  • Quite Expensive
  • Went gloopy/weird on me?

This is a pretty pink colour, and is amazingly fast drying! You might be able to find it at quite a few stores and I love the brush! The only problems I think it has are that it went weird on me (Please Comment!) on a few nails, and that it's quite expensive. So I give Pink Lingerie an eight out of ten!

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Monday, 16 January 2012

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Review

Today I'm wearing N.Y.C Color Pink Princess. As the name suggests; the  colour is the type of pink that all of the fairytale princesses wear and looooove! The type of pink that five year old girls can't get enough of, as their whole wardrobe is full of it. But do you know what? This colour actually makes me feel like a princess!(;

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Swatches*

All Swatches have:
  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Top and Base Coat.
  • Two Coats of N.Y.C Color Pink Princess.
  • One Coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat.
I'm sorry, I couldn't get many photos of the swatches, as my camera battery died, and I've taken this manicure off now.  But here's what I do have.

*On the second day of wear. Sorry, I forgot to get the pictures on the first day, hasn't really changed much though, and it also was after having a shower, so you can see how un-affected the polish was.

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Bottle:

N.Y.C Color Pink Princess Ingredients:

Once again, the polish is too light to properly take a picture of the writing, however if you need, I can type up the ingredients for you. 

Name: Pink Princess
Brand:N.Y.C Color
Collection: None, I dont think? Just N.Y.C Color because it's fairly new.
Colour: Shiny Pale Pink
How Much I Payed: $2 AUD
Amount: 0.46 FL. 0Z./ 13.5ML
Where I got it: BP Gas Station!

So I accidentally went over this in my intro, but this colour definitely makes me feel like a princess. Like one of the ones in Disney cartoons, one with their fairy god mother, and their prince charming. Its a really light colour, very pale and quite shiny. It's one of those colours that glistens in the sun, if you know what I mean. I've realised that because I have olive/tanned skin, light polishes stand out a lot, and make me look quite a bit more tanned than usual! But thats not necessarily a bad thing right? Tonnes of people that I know, go on about wishing that they were tanned, so maybe they should just try to find a lighter polish for their skin? !

Application & Formula
The formula of this polish is quite good. The polish is not gloopy or too thick and has quite a good drying time, unlike some of the the N.Y.C Color colours that I've tried. 
Its no less than a two coat polish, and if you want it to to be perfect maybe try three; because I can just see the whites of my nails on a few nails. I'm not sure if its because the polish is too thin, or maybe just because the colour is light. 
The Brush is just a normal brush size, which is good for me that it's not one of those 'extra wide brushes for quick application' because I like to do nail art with my polish, so it makes it easier for me. But that's just my opinion. 

The N.Y.C Color polishes are pretty easy to find, as I mentioned in my last review; you can get them pretty much anywhere! I've seen them at Big W, Kmart, Target, etc. I even got this polish at a BP Petrol Station! For two dollars! Bargain! That's probably the cheapest nail polish i've seen since I've started collecting it. So It's definitely cheap, and easy to find.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to find
  • Good Drying Time.
  • Good size brush for me.
  • Thin-ish Formula
Pink Princess is a nice colour, once again; makes me look tanned and feel like a princess. Maybe I could be 'Princess Nina, of Tann-iness'? (;
But anyone, I've noticed that this particular N.Y.C Color Polish is a bit of a stand out from the rest! As it is quite thin, and quick drying, compared to the other few that I've tried.
So all in all, I give this pretty Pink Princess an eight out of ten!

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