Friday, 18 May 2012

Sally Hansen Double Duty Review

This is a review of something I've been using for ages; Sally Hansen Double Duty.
If you read the website 'Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily' ( you may have already seen this review, and no I have not just copied it from the website, as I was the one who wrote it! But if you haven't read it, enjoy reading it, and if you have, you can enjoy reading it again!  Before I start the review, I'd just like to say that I'm going to start writing on this blog more, and I would appreciate if people commented on it! I promise to read all comments and reply to every one! Also, check out my youtube channel ! ninahollyd's youtube channel! click this link to go there!

Review: Sally Hansen Double Duty
Price: RRP $14.95
Brand: Sally Hansen
What is it?: Strengthening Top & Base Coat
Want it?:SHOP IT! 
Would you buy it again? Maybe, if it was on sale. 

Sally Hansen Double Duty was a pretty good product to buy; it was the first top/base coat i'd ever bought, so I was pretty happy with it.
It works well as a base coat, but in my opinion, is a bit too thick for the top coat, so I use another sally hansen top coat.

It protects well as a base, however tends to peel after three or more days. But that doesn't really worry me, as I get bored of having the same manicure on for anytime more than three!
The only thing that I didn't really like on this product was that when you need more polish on the brush, and your bottle is about 1/3 full, its hard for the brush to reach the polish, without screwing the lid back on.
The thing about the bottle design that is good, is that unlike most of the other Sally Hansen top or base coats, its clear, so you can see how much is left.

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